Sunday, September 14, 2008

Domestic Terrorist

You may remember a few years ago the capture of notorious Al Qeada leader Khalid Sheikh Mohommed. His shocking photo graced the covers of newspapers and magazines across the world and defined the look of evil.

Well, I've uncovered some disturbing news about a possible domestic terrorist. When I became an officer, I took an oath to protect America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. But, what would you do if you suspected someone in your own family had ties to Al Qeada?

After coming out of my bedroom one morning, I found my daughter out on the living room couch. She claimed to be ill and wanted to stay home from school. I took one look at her and instantly recognized the hairstyle of terrorism. Could I be mistaken or is my little enemy combatant planning the kind of home grown insurgency we all dread?

Empty Nest

My second trainee has finished his first phase of training and is on to his secondary Field Training Officer. I can't believe how quickly the past 6 weeks flew by. It seems like I just met him yesterday. He is an interesting guy with a very unusual past.

He grew up in Bosnia during the war and lost several family members along with most of his childhood possessions. He told me there are only two pictures of himself as a baby that survived the war. He moved to America 7 years ago and quickly set off to become a citizen. After learning English (with remarkable spelling, I might add), he became an official U.S. citizen and instantly applied for the police department.

His rugged upbringing gives him a great appreciation of how things are in America. He constantly told me about the corruption, shortages, lack of opportunity, and sense of hopelessness he experienced in Bosnia. He is grateful for the American troops that helped liberate his town from enemy forces.

He is respectable, kind, smart, and honorable. I know he'll make a great officer.