Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Packin' Heat

After a nice four day Thanksgiving weekend it was back to the Academy for week #11.

On Monday, we learned about street gangs in the area. I had no idea how many gangs operate in in the cities surrounding mine. Our instructor was an undercover agent and showed us several surveillance videos of himself buying drugs and stolen property from different gang members.

Today (Tuesday) we were issued our firearms. I am now the proud owner of a Glock .40 caliber handgun equipped with a tactical M3 light (purchased separately). We learned how to disassemble and reassamble our firearms and will spend one more day in the classroom before actually firing our guns on the range. I haven't shot a gun since I was a kid but am hoping it will all come back to me since our shooting proficiency makes up 20% of my overall grade.

We learned about the Police officer that was involved in a single car accident on Monday morning. He was responding to a call and lost control of his car (I heard he may have had a brain aneurism while driving). He was only 22 years old and was going to be married in the next week or so. He graduated in class #400 (I'm in #407) so the staff members remember him well and have been affected by the accident. The last I heard, he was on life support at the hospital.


At December 01, 2005 8:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


We have all heard about the officer you were talking about and our hearts go out to his family. It is consist reminder to us all that we have do not have control over everything we do. Keep up the great work.


At December 05, 2005 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A terrible accident for that young officer. And, a reminder to all of us that life can be short. This will be a sad Christmas for his family and fiance and a reminder to all of us to love our families a little more this season. I have since talked to you and know that you did well in your firearm practice. I knew you had the coordination to do well! Congratulations. LC

At December 06, 2005 10:14 AM, Anonymous Ronda said...

As soon as I heard about that officer, the first thing I thought of, was my brother is going to be out there doing the same thing this young man was doing. I would be lying if I said the thought of you being a police officer doesn't scare me. On the same hand, I have never been so proud.


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