Monday, January 28, 2008


I don't know how you Seattlites do it -living in all that rain. It hardly ever rains in my city but when it does it's usually quick bursts of summer Monsoon downpours.

Today was one of those rare winter rain storms in the desert city. I was soaked just responding to a few calls early in my shift. Then, the power went out at a few major intersections rendering them black voids of vehicular madness. After parking 4 patrol cars strategically around one intersection with lights flashing, you'd think drivers would have the notion to slow down and cautiously await direction from us officers. Well, it wouldn't be that exciting of a job if there weren't any idiots driving. It was a miracle no cars collided considering the number of times they encroached upon each other from all 4 directions while we screamed in vain for them to stop.

I now know why the phrase "seeing the light" has Godly connotations 'cause once the traffic signals and street lights came back on I found myself rejoicing the Savior.

I listened to an officer shooting unfold over the radio from another part of the city. I switched to the appropriate channel the second I heard the dreaded emergency tone and the dispatcher announcing "9-9-8".
The officer was breathing heavily and announced, "I don't think I'm hit. I fired back."
I could tell he was running and then he started screaming the direction the shooter was running:

"Northbound on 55 avenue!! Has a silver revolver!! He just got into a red 4-door newer model car!! A Ford Taurus, I think!! Get the air unit and a K-9!! Responding units: Car turned west on Campbell!! He's on the passenger side!!"

He was trying to keep up on foot and was starting to lose his breath while running and screaming.

I could hear each of the responding units give their call sign over the sound of their sirens. I knew they were only seconds away.

Then I heard from one of the responding units, "I've got a maroon Taurus stopped at the red light." Another unit arrived to back him up. "He's not stopping."

I listened intensely and pictured the whole scene unfolding in my mind. Then I heard the distinctive beep of an emergency button engaged on a police radio. This allows the officer to speak for 30 seconds without interruption and without the need to manually keep the talk key depressed on the radio.

I could hear him and other officers screaming at the suspect and other occupants of the car to get on the ground and not move. My heart raced at the thought of a shootout but I soon calmed when I heard officers take the suspects into custody. The original officer came to the scene of the vehicle stop and identified the passenger as the one who shot at him.

It was a huge relief to hear nobody was hurt. The officer couldn't have reacted any more perfectly. He had the nerve to chase down his would-be killer, broadcast the direction of travel and accurate vehicle description all within seconds of being shot at. He coordinated the position and direction of responding units which ensured his capture. Most of all he did everything possible to ensure he returned home to his family that night and ensured the wanna-be cop killer didn't return to the community.


At January 28, 2008 11:04 AM, Anonymous Your Wife said...

It must be a testament to the amount of adrenaline running throughout one's body when the phrase "I don't THINK I've been hit" comes into play. I'd like to think, were I shot, that I'd know for certain.

Thank goodness it all ended semi-peacefully.

At January 28, 2008 1:21 PM, Blogger whimsicalnbrainpan said...

"I now know why the phrase "seeing the light" has Godly connotations 'cause once the traffic signals and street lights came back on I found myself rejoicing the Savior."

I am so thankful that no one got hurt.

At January 28, 2008 6:25 PM, Blogger Angie said...

Thank God every one is ok, and that they caught that monster.

At January 28, 2008 11:53 PM, Blogger Kojak said...

I'm glad to hear your brother was not hit. I also heard the awful sound of a brother officer under attack just two days ago. The sad thing is , he was shot six times, but by the grace of Gog will survive. The suspect, shot 7 times in the head. Just 18 years old an no criminal history. All over a petit theft charge ! Please be safe and come home every night !

At January 28, 2008 11:56 PM, Blogger Kojak said...

ooops, sorry God ! not Gog.

At January 31, 2008 5:27 PM, Anonymous Deputy Polarbear said...

I will ALWAYS remember my first C-3 when I got to drive.

I was about three months into field training, when my FTO says, "It's quiet today...time to let you drive"...woooohoooo

About 2 hours later, we are sitting in the station parking lot (I'm writing paper and he's bs-ing with the other FTO's) when the 10-33 call goes out....998 at walk and dont walk....

We start rolling with the rest of the station (about 12 cars) and the surrounding LAPD divisions (seemed to be about 300 cars by the time they were done rolling up) C-3 to the spot.

Halfway there, one of the Deputies puts out, "We need rescue, my partner's down!"....that jacked the adrenaline up past the red line.....not sure how we made it there without at least one radio car getting stacked up....

The Dep was ok....took 5 rounds in the vest, one in the upper back....back guy sucked up 10 9mm rounds and lived to tell about it


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