Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Drama Continues...

Gary had another late night -- two in a row this week. This time, it was caused by an officer-involved shooting. Some guy hijacked a car and shot the person driving it, so a chase ensued within Gary's precint. Gary and Mike (the FTO -- he finally has a name!!!) weren't involved in the chase, but most of their fellow officers in the precint were. At one point, an officer was shot by the suspect, so Gary and Mike headed to the scene to help track down the suspect. They were flagged down en route and told the suspect had been shot and killed. Since so many of their officers from the precint were at the scene of the crime, Gary and Mike stayed a few hours late to handle all the calls coming in.

Here's the story on AZCENTRAL:

Tuesday night, Gary responded to his first rape call. Sad story -- a 16-year-old girl was raped in her and her mom's apartment while her 3-month-old son was there. She was raped by the maintenance man of the complex. The girl had sense enough to call the police directly following her assault, and Gary and Mike responded and took her story. They then needed to take her to be examined, but given that she was a minor, the needed her mom present. The poor girl had to call her mom at work and tell her what had happened (imagine getting that call).

Mike is surprised at the variety of calls that he and Gary have had in a mere week and a half. Gary has seen a lot in his short tenure.


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